AIIA NSW Forum ‘Skills for Today, Jobs for Tomorrow’

Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Venue: Ivy Ballroom - 320-330 George Street
Date: 21 September 2017 11:30am to 21 September 2017 03:00pm

As the rapid growth in technology continues, concern about job displacement and predictions of looming job losses is widespread.

Some analysts have even gone so far as to suggest that almost half of all jobs in the US and other advanced countries are at risk of being substituted by computers and algorithms within the next 10 to 20 years. 

Yet, while the move from agriculture to manufacturing to information-based economies worldwide has cost jobs in some sectors, this has been more than offset by rapid growth in the technology, creative, caring and business services sectors - typically with a corresponding increase in productivity, competitiveness and growth. In Australia alone, over the first 15 years of the 21st century the workforce has increased by some 32% with job growth outnumbering job losses by a ratio of 10 to one. 

The AIIA “Skills for Today, Jobs for Tomorrow” forum will bring together renowned futurist Shara Evans, ICT and broader industry leaders to discuss the future of work in Australia.  Coupled with the public release of AIIA’s thought leadership piece on the Jobs for Tomorrow, the forum will consider:

  • The implications of new digital technologies such as AI, robotics, automation etc on the nature of jobs and employment in the future;
  • Risks such as job polarisation;
  • New look future jobs and employment opportunities – including across different industry sectors; and
  • The implications for skills development, reskilling and lifelong learning.

In addition to Shara, a panel of experts from key industries such as Banking, Government and Education will discuss the impact on their sectors, and how they are developing skills within their organisations today, to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

Based on Galaxy Poll research  commissioned by the AIIA, 97% of Australians polled feel positive about ongoing work and job opportunities in Australia in the future.  This event will explore this optimism in more detail, highlight what and where the opportunities are, plus examine the policy issues that need to be surfaced to assure a vibrant and competitive workforce of the future.

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