Improving Patient Flows: Towards Sustainability

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel
Date: 16 March 2017 2:30pm to 17 March 2017 05:00pm

Registrations open at Eventbrite and Change Champions & Associates websites.

Over the last decade we have seen an increasing emphasis on improving efficiency and cutting waste in healthcare.

In this seminar, the focus is on showcasing successful initiatives to improve patient flows, especially those where there is evidence of sustainability over time.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • System wide, hospital wide, division/department wide initiatives/collaborations that have improved patient flow and where there appears some indication for future sustainability  
  • Improving operational management (especially where changes have resulted from partnering with consumers)
    • Redesign
    • Co design and patient journey improvements
    • Lean
    • Measures of integration of patient flow improvement into business as usual  
  • ICT initiatives that demonstrate sustainable patient flow improvements
  • Contingency planning, protocols including scalability of escalation/surge responses
  • Forecasting and modeling to predict variations in flow

M:0467635150 or email for more information.

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