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The Australian Health Review (AHR) is the peer reviewed journal of the Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association (AHHA) and is published six times per year. It explores major national and international health issues and questions. Topics include all aspects of health policy and management, healthcare delivery systems, clinical programs, health financing and other matters of interest to those working in health care. It also publishes new research from practitioners - managers and clinicians - and reports of breakthrough projects that demonstrate better ways of delivering care.

The views expressed in the AHR are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of our organisation or the journal's publisher, CSIRO.

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Our readership includes managers, policy makers and clinical staff in health organisations including government departments, hospitals, Primary Health Networks, community centres and aged-care facilities, as well as all others with an interest in the health industry. The journal enables health professionals to keep their fingers on the pulse of the nation's health decisions and to know what the most influential commentators and decision makers are thinking. The AHR is published six times a year and is available online and in hard copy.

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The AHHA provides editing services for those looking to improve the quality of their writing. The AHHA editing service will improve the grammar, spelling and punctuation of your manuscript, as well as giving it greater clarity and structure. The edited manuscript will enable journal editors to analyse and comment on the substance of your research. AHHA experts have decades of experience in academic writing and a deep understanding of how best to express complex ideas. 


Editing fees are estimated at approximately $120.00 AUD per 1000 words (minimum $200). Contact the Deeble Institute for a full quote.

Please note that use of this service is not a requirement for submission to the Australian Health Review, and does not guarantee acceptance of your manuscript.

The Health Advocate is the AHHA's high quality, insightful and entertaining magazine filled with the thoughts and opinions of Australia's leading health managers, academics and clinicians. The magazine keeps you up to date on the latest developments and thinking in the Australian health system.

Health Policy Evidence Briefs are short, easy to read, objective papers that synthesise the research evidence in an area of health policy. They are designed to help policymakers who need to quickly find out what evidence exists in a topic area, how compelling it is, and what the implications might be when using it to develop health policies. They also provide a list of key readings for those who need to know more.

Health Policy Issues Briefs are easy to read, objective papers that look at a topical health policy issue, synthesise the research evidence and recommend a way forward. They are designed to help policymakers who need to quickly find out what evidence exists in a topic area, how compelling it is, and what the implications might be when using it to develop health policies.

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Consultations & Submissions

The AHHA contributes to national health policy development through participating in consultative activities and writing submissions for reviews and inquiries. During the past few years the AHHA prepared submissions and/or participated in the following key areas: