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The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) is the only independent national peak body advocating for universal and equitable access to high quality healthcare in Australia. The AHHA is uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration between clinicians, academics, policy makers, administrators and politicians.
As a national organisation, AHHA has abilities to deliver benefits for the whole community, evidenced by a variety of publications, all with the goal of supporting knowledge sharing and ensuring better healthcare for the public.

Healthcare in Brief

The AHHA distributes this popular electronic news bulletin twice a week, full of interesting and relevant stories, breaking news and research in health. If you are a health professional, you should be subscribed to the regular email newsletter e-healthcare brief.

The Health Advocate

The Health Advocate is the AHHA's high quality, insightful and entertaining magazine filled with the thoughts and opinions of Australia's leading health managers, academics and clinicians. The magazine keeps you up to date on the latest developments and thinking in the Australian health system.

Australian Health Review

The Australian Health Review (AHR) is the peer reviewed journal of the AHHA and is published six times per year. It explores major national and international health issues and questions. Topics include all aspects of health policy and management, healthcare delivery systems, clinical programs, health financing and other matters of interest to those working in health care. It also publishes new research from practitioners—managers and clinicians—and reports of breakthrough projects that demonstrate better ways of delivering care.

Blueprint for a Post-2020 National Health Agreement

Healthy people, healthy systems is a solid blueprint with a range of short, medium and long term recommendations on how to reorientate our healthcare system to focus on patient outcomes and value rather than throughput and vested interests. It maps out how to transform our healthcare system into a fit for purpose 21st century system that will meet the needs and expectations of Australians.


The AHHA contributes to national health policy development through participating in consultative activities and writing submissions for reviews and inquiries.

Position Statements

The AHHA has developed a range of evidenced-based position statements to communicate our position on key issues of relevance to achieving a healthy Australia, supported by the best possible healthcare system.

Health Policy Evidence Briefs

Health Policy Evidence Briefs are short, easy to read, objective papers that synthesise the research evidence in an area of health policy. They are designed to help policymakers who need to quickly find out what evidence exists in a topic area, how compelling it is, and what the implications might be when using it to develop health policies. They also provide a list of key readings for those who need to know more.

Health Policy Issues Briefs

Health Policy Issues Briefs are easy to read, objective papers that look at a topical health policy issue, synthesise the research evidence and recommend a way forward. They are designed to help policymakers who need to quickly find out what evidence exists in a topic area, how compelling it is, and what the implications might be when using it to develop health policies.

Health Sector Advocacy Handbook

The Health Sector Advocacy Handbook provides a convenient reference to fully inform and equip those working in the health sector to advocate for universal, high quality and affordable healthcare to benefit the whole community.

Leading Change in Primary Care: Boards of Primary Health Networks can help improve the Australian health care system

Leading Change in Primary Care explores the need for change in the primary health system, with a focus on how this can be achieved within the limited parameters faced by PHNs. The book examines how PHNs can structure their organisations and manage their resources to circumvent these limitations and pursue meaningful system reform.

Wall Charts

Designed as an easy-to-read reference guide the wall charts feature the latest medical guidelines and clinical research covering a number of specific ailments, together with web links to the leading healthcare organisations.

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