• End-of-life care Workshop

    End-of-life care Workshop

    During National Palliative Care Week, this workshop presented by the Deeble Institute will explore what is required to enable appropriate access to quality end of life services for all Australians.

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  • Deeble Institute Think Tank

    Deeble Institute Think Tank - Hospital avoidance and prevention

    Australia has among the highest rates of potentially avoidable hospitalisations in the OECD and reduction of preventable hospitalisations is a specific objective of health care reform in Australia. However are we measuring the right types of hospitalisations, and what will really work at the primary, sub-acute and acute sectors to keep Australians healthy and out of hospital?
    Join us as the Deeble Institute academics examine the issues and ask how should the health system respond to the growing pressure to reduce the rates of preventable hospitalisations?

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  • 2017 Partnering with Consumers Series

    Partnering With Consumers 2017: Workshop 1 - An experience based co-design masterclass

    The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) and the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) are pleased to present the first workshop in our 2017 Partnering with Consumers Series - an experience based co-design masterclass.

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  • The Health Advocate - February 2017

    The Health Advocate - February 2017

    Download the AHHA's magazine for the latest in healthcare stories and analysis.

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  • Lean Healthcare Training

    Lean Healthcare Training

    Lean thinking teaches you how to use space, time, capital investment, staff and materials in the most efficient manner and build processes that continually eliminate waste or non-value-added elements to deliver ever greater value and outcomes. AHHA in conjunction with LEI Group Australia offers online and face-to-face training, including training delivered onsite in your organisation.

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