Dr Don Child has provided leadership in the field of Australian Health Services over many years. It is believed that this contribution should be recognised.

Dr Child has held most of the executive positions in the Australian Hospital Association. Until September 1984 he has been the Association's immediate past President, having served as President for two years during 1981 and 1982. The Presidency of the Australian Hospital Association requires of the incumbent a considerable amount of work outside the individual's own professional responsibilities. The Association itself represents most of Australia's public hospitals. The President has a major role in advising Governments on health matters. During the period of Dr Child's Presidency, the Association launched its Community Outreach Programme for Australian hospitals. This is an educational and motivational programme designed to encourage hospitals to work outside their walls in the community. It is a programme which, it is hoped, will bring about a permanent change in the way hospitals perceive their role in the community. Dr Child nurtured this programme to fruition such that it is now a permanent Association programme.

Dr Child has been at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital since 1956 where, until 1961, he was Resident Medical Staff. From 1961 to 1967 he was Assistant General Superintendent, and from 1967 to the present time, General Superintendent. During his time as Chief Executive of the hospital it has been recognised as one of Australia's great hospitals. In the years of Dr Child's administration the hospital has developed many new services and facilities including a number of Community Outreach Clinics which take the role of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital into the community.

Dr Child is presently the President of the University Teaching Hospitals' Association of New South Wales. This organisation represents teaching hospitals and has a particular interest in the educational and research functions of the teaching hospital system.

From 1967 until recently Dr Child served in the Royal Army Medical Corp. In his capacity with the Army he was required to assist with the planning of medical services for armed forces personnel. At the time of resignation from the reserve forces Dr Child held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

During 1979 and 1980 Dr Child also served as Chairman of the NSW Branch of the Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators. This College is the educational and professional body for medical administrators in Australia.

Another of Dr Child's roles is with the University of Sydney where he is on the Medical Faculty, but in particular, is involved with the development of a Cancer Research Institute. It is expected that this Institute will be the leading research facility in this field when underway.

The development of Australia's Hospital Accreditation Programme has been assisted by Dr Child's involvement with the initial planning. From 1971 during its formative years, and in 1974 to 1978 he served on the Australian Council on Hospital Standards and eventually became its VicePresident in 1979 to 1980.

Dr Child is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

In summary, Dr Don Child has been a major contributor to the development of Australian Health Services through his involvement with many health care organisations.