Page 104 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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 Group action statement
A group action statement records the different team members and what their aims are.
Group action statements are a simple way of capturing group and individual actions. They serve as a communication tool and facilitate accountability. They can be given to all individuals and shared on a project display.
Use this tool as a working document to ensure momentum is maintained. They can be useful if your group or some members are not achieving agreed activities
1. The group decides on their action statement and this is documented in the central box 2. Each member writes their name in the surrounding boxes together with their individual tasks
3. The date for completion of each individual task is written below the individual actions 4. Each member signs the document
5. Additional each member can also have an individual action postcard. These can be collated, photocopied and sent out a few days later as a reminder
 Adapted from the ebd approach, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

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