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In the many EBCD projects around the world the majority have had some form of evaluation, however, rigorous studies of EBCD are lacking.
A key finding from research on EBCD projects found many of these projects had used the approach in a flexible manner and modified elements of it.9 Whilst EBCD is an adaptable approach, there are some key elements and concepts, the loss of which can result in reduced impact. Services particularly seemed to find the co-design element challenging. This appears to be related to operationalising a shift to equality of power and is discussed further in the section on principles of co-design.
In Victoria, a large study10 is underway that will evaluate the impact of a modified version of Mental Health Experience Co-Design on improving psychosocial recovery outcomes for people with severe mental illness.
In those organisations that have had positive experiences and impact using EBCD, success appears to ultimately be about three things:
The mind-set and a way of thinking The methodology
The tools

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