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 Experience Based Co-Design – A toolkit for Australia
  Service blueprints
It also helps identify the key aspects of the experience that have been changed and what part of the service made the difference.
The biggest difference tool
The biggest difference template
A service blueprint is a document summarising key learnings and decisions arising from your EBCD project.
It communicates to all interested parties, including managers, why the service exists for patients, how it works best for them, and what it does now (or needs to be able to do soon). In this sense, it is a guide to the current and future state of the service from the perspective of patients and other stakeholders. It is very much like an architectural blueprint (hence the name).
A good service blueprint is important because it communicates on behalf of patients to other stakeholders within and beyond the organisation. It demonstrates a patient- based mandate and rationale for change, showing how to deliver great experiences and how to then continue evolving them.
Service blueprint
Service blueprint structure template
Service blueprint future improvements template

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