Page 133 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
P. 133

• The emojis that were suggested, prompt conversations with and between the patient and family, and are especially significant for those patients with communication difficulties
• Using a prototype to trial and adapt the board in use
What were the challenges?
• Engaging nursing staff to use the board
• Board placement. The boards have been installed behind the patient bed and
access can be difficult. We are working with our maintenance team to change
the position
• Sourcing pre-prepared emoji packets for sustainability
If we were to do it again what we would do the same?
• Using the prototype and in-depth interviews. In particular, we would do more interviews, and if possible, record these for use in staff focus groups
• We would use the staff focus groups more, with a focus on these as a strategy for staff engagement
If we were to do it again what we would do the differently?
• Actively recruit a few ward champions to drive the project on the floor. We would also involve ward staff in asking patients and families about the boards, to hear about their experience firsthand

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