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Case Study 4 – Improving the patients’ experience of surgery
Organisation: Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (NSW)
Websites: Contact Person: James Brinton Email: Clinical Nurse Consultant Surgery
What were the goals and aims of our project?
To reduce patient-related day of surgery cancellations and improve the patients’ experience of surgery. Additionally, we wanted to improve in-hospital efficiencies and reduce ‘waste’ by improving utilisation.
What did we do and what EBCD tools did we use?
We started with pre- and post-operative patient and family surveys asking about the amount of information patients were given. Then we produced the magazine and tested with patient focus groups. Next, we developed the app and tested with patients and their families.
 We used the following tool:
Staff interviews - frequent and repeated staff liaison
Patient interviews - pre and post-op interviews followed by patient-led focus groups
Group dialogue - focus groups with patients who had experienced surgery led by patients
Co-design meetings - Met with app designers and clinicians with input from our patients

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