Page 138 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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Celebration events – A celebration when we went live, with national media coverage showing a patient and her family using the app and reading the magazine of-its-kind-for-nations-public-hospitals/
What was the impact?
Improve the patient experience of surgery
Staff surveys demonstrated reduced reactive work for nursing staff on the morning of the surgery, because patients were better prepared. For clerical staff reduced unnecessary paperwork because of fewer cancellations
Patient-related day-of-surgery cancellations are reported daily and have slowly improved towards our goal of <2%
What went well?
Fantastic clinician engagement and great response from patients and their families to develop an Australian-first solution
What were the challenges?
The initial challenge was simple: money! When that was secured, the next challenge was matching the amount we had to the reality of producing a product within budget. Our newest challenge is to on-sell the idea to some of the 700 other Australian hospitals who experience the same problem.
If we were to do it again what we would do the same?
We had a fantastic full-day multi team co-design workshop where the app developers met with staff and patients to nut out our ideas.
If we were to do it again what we would do differently?
Set a more realistic budget before pitching for funding- we were off by a considerable amount and were fortunate enough that the developer, Capuchin Digital, were well aligned with our dream.

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