Page 140 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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Service information was identified as a key priority. Following the initial co-design workshop; consumers, families and staff worked together to design the layout and content of an information brochure and online presence for the community. Prototyping was used to test the layout and content.
Prototypes are an effective way to generate quality feedback and foster engagement. It decreases risk of failure and enables you to learn and make solutions richer with minimal effort and cost.
Prototyping an online presence (different iterations)
The prototypes included wireframes for an online presence and a hardcopy of an information brochure. Testing occurred through facilitated discussions and both prototypes were made available in the activities room, which encouraged greater and more diverse input and feedback.
What was the impact?
More than 135 consumers, families and staff shared their experiences and their insights have led to several service improvements. In addition to the brochure and online presence, a short film was co-designed to raise public awareness of rehabilitation and educate people on how to access services.
What went well?
Consumers, families and staff were passionate about improving the access to services and the solution development. Using an iterative process to design the brochure and

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