Page 141 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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online presence ensured it was responsive to the needs of consumers, families and staff and allowed for strengthened trusting partnerships to occur.
What were the challenges?
The time taken to develop the prototypes was a challenge and it was difficult to maintain consumer, family and staff engagement over a prolonged period of time.
If we were to do it again what we would do the same?
Utilising a variety of methods to capture the experience including survey data, focus groups and interviews gave richness to the project that would otherwise have been lacking. Including consumers, families and staff on the Project Steering Committee ensured equal partnership and collaboration from the start and throughout.
It was important that the initial prototypes were simple, rough and very draft. People are less likely to engage with a prototype if it looks and feels like a final product.
What would you do differently?
There were two key areas:
• Ensuring that the governance and ethics responsibilities are fully understood
and approval has been established prior to the project
• Ensuring that the Project Steering Committee are familiar with the approach and
have opportunities for revising throughout the project. Check-in points would
have been beneficial
• Understanding the NSW and local guidelines for working with consumers prior
to commencement of the project.

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