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Case Study 6 - Development of the 3P Pod - a Patient
EmPowerment Pod
Organisation: Ochre Health and University of Canberra Contact Name: Vincent Learnihan ( Acknowledgment: This project was funded by a grant from HCF and RACGP.
What were the goals and aims of our project?
We wanted to explore whether the time spend by patients whilst waiting for their GP or nurse appointment could be used in a constructive way to help the clinicians but also empower patients and motivate them to act to support themselves.
The project was focused on a purpose built Patient Empowerment Pod (3P) that would easily and non-intrusively collect a range of measureable data from patients and then offer them with a tailored health report card and appropriate signposting.
What do we do and what EBCD tools did we use?
Firstly, we had a multi-disciplinary team that included practicing clinicians, members from Health faculty but also members from marketing, design and information technology disciplines.
The experience was gathered in multiple ways through observation (many design students over different days and time periods observed the waiting room). Focus groups with consumers and with staff were held.
A working group consisting of the multi-disciplinary team members also fulfilled the role of a co-design group.
The project had three main outputs.
1. The building of a private yet inviting and aesthetically pleasing Pod.
2. An interactive screen and equipment that asked patients four key groups of
questions (A video of screenshots of all four modules is available at https://
a. Basic health check module including an automated height and weight capture to calculate BMI
b. Questions on alcohol intake

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