Page 15 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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⁃ Reciprocity means people get something back for putting something in.
These can be using formal methods and sometimes can be met from achieving equal relationships between participants and the organisation.
These values are articulated in the following video.
  During 2016, the Co-design Initiative13 invited a broad cross section of stakeholders to participate in two co-design symposia in Victoria. It was a voluntary carer and consumer led project and a planned response to the review and reforms of the Australian mental health system. The output was a set of principles for authentic co-design. A couple of principles are identical to those from SCIE and others have implicit overlaps. These principles were developed in the Australian context and together with those of SCIE are relevant to any EBCD project:
o Co-design is collaborative promoting an equitable partnership between stakeholders
o Co-design is inclusive, supporting the involvement of all stakeholders Capacity building
o Co-design initiatives ensure skill development and capability building for all participants
o Participants commit to learning from each other
o Co-design works towards real outcomes that are meaningful to all
participants Innovative
o There are opportunities to explore and experiment with alternative solutions Sustained
o There are opportunities to build on the co-design process for future initiatives

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