Page 16 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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o Evaluation is integral to all co-design projects
The diagram illustrates each of the principles with more details.
 More recently, the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation has identified a set of principles that encapsulate much of the intent of the process of experience based co-design:14
Equal partnerships - consumers, families and staff work together from the beginning with an equal voice and shared ownership and control
Openness - work together on a shared goal, trust the process and learn together Respect - acknowledge and value the views, experiences and diversity of consumers, families and staff
Empathy - practise empathy and maintain an environment which feels safe and brings confidence to everyone
Design together - consumers, families and staff work together to design, implement and evaluate improvements, activities, products and services.
Principles and values in conducting research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities have been articulated and should be considered for EBCD projects too. These are Spirit and Integrity, Reciprocity, Respect, Equality, Survival and Protection, and Responsibility (

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