Page 18 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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The tools
There are three influential experience based co- design resources in health. The diagram illustrates the three different resources and the tools offered by each of them. Each resource shares fundamental similarities but each also has subtle differences. The Point of Care Foundation and New Zealand include preparatory steps around planning and engaging. The Point of Care Foundation places a strong emphasis on capturing the story using videos (or using pre- recorded videos as in AEBCD).
The tools are designed to help manage the project aspects of EBCD, to gather and understand the experience, to support the co- design aspects of the methodology to achieve sustainable improvements that deliver a better experience.
The Australian toolkit
In this next section, we take you through five different stages of EBCD and use illustrative examples from Australian case studies. The tools used in each of the stages are described and for each tool more detailed instructions are provided with implementation aids such as spreadsheets, agenda planners and interactive pdfs.
We start with:
an emphasis on planning and setting up for success as an incredibly important precursor for any EBCD project.
This is followed by four more steps:
gather the experience understand the experience improve the experience monitor and maintain the experience.

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