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  NHS Sustainability Tool
produced route maps. These route maps are simple flowcharts suggesting tools to consider based on one of three scenarios:
1. I want to develop a new service
2. I want to improve an existing service
3. I want to solve a specific issue
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This is a diagnostic tool that is used to predict the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement project. It can be used by individuals or teams and is best used at the beginning, near to the middle and about four weeks before the end of your project. programs-services/sustainability/
In this publication which drew strongly from the NHS documents above authors define sustainability to be “when new ways of working and improved outcomes become the norm”. They identify 12 factors which impact on sustainability and provide examples of how they might be operationalised. They suggest three or four factors may be most relevant for any one project. sustaining-improved-outcomes-toolkit.pdf
The New Zealand analysis1 found the need for senior leadership was critically important. An effective sponsor was necessary and they identified key attributes for an effective sponsor and senior leader.
o In a position of influence to provide an authorising environment for staff time committed to projects, to support proposed interventions/changes to systems or services, and establish ongoing organisational development in co-design approaches.
 Sustaining improved outcomes
 Senior leadership support

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