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 Experience Based Co-Design – A toolkit for Australia
     Start-up workshop
describes several steps and provides hyperlinks to further tools and resources.
You should consider a project steering group. This should include key members of staff from the service and their management and a key senior person (see senior leadership support). Meetings should be at least scheduled for:
before the project begins
before the first feedback event before the joint patient–staff event after the celebration event quality_and_service_improvement_tools/ quality_and_service_improvement_tools/ project_management_guide.html
Health Service Co-design in New Zealand recommend start up workshops as an engaging method.
These workshops involve gathering a wide variety of people together in one place to discuss different points of view about issues, learn together and make decisions about next steps. In doing so they help you develop relationships with a variety of stakeholders and reach a common understanding about the way forward.
Start-up workshop
Start-up workshop summary template
This is a workshop that brings interested people in the project together and develop and own a plan together.
This tool invites you to take a bigger picture and longer term view of the health conditions and services you are working with.
Planning Workshop Planning workshop template
  Planning workshops

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