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 Experience Based Co-Design – A toolkit for Australia
Co-designing visions
Developing a vision and articulating it in a written statement can help maintain the focus on patient experience and supports developing a shared purpose for the project. It is critically important that the vision does not jump directly to a solution.
Co-designing vision
Co-designing vision template
Communication is an important aspect of engaging and maintaining momentum before, during and after your project.
NSW Health have an online communications strategy template which offers an opportunity to consider how you will manage your communications. Tools you may already have used e.g. co-designing vision and outputs from your start-up and planning workshop may be helpful to incorporate into this document.
Communications Strategy - WOHP Communications Strategy Template - NSW Health
More specifically, Health Service Co-design in New Zealand recommend a communication website and visual communication.
Communication websites are a social networking tool where you can share information online about your work with other stakeholders.
Communication websites
Visual communication is a way of conveying ideas to people using aids such as pictures, diagrams and colours rather than just words.
Visual communication
The recruitment and maintaining engagement of staff is critical to the success of any EBCD project. In case study 2, when asked what they would do differently the improvement team said:
  A communication strategy
   Recruiting staff

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