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      5. Circulate and finalise the report as appropriate
You can use the workshop summary template to assist you.
6. Stakeholder updates
Update stakeholders on progress regularly and hold further workshops to work together on shared concerns, ideas and decision-making as required.
Allow at least two hours for this workshop
Consider how the output from the workshop will be captured
Consider who will facilitate the workshop and develop a flexible plan for the workshop Have a staff member available at the workshop that can support. Introduce this person at the beginning of the workshop.
Ensure all attendees feel free to share concerns and ideas throughout the workshop. Remind people all comments are made in confidence and should not be reported outside the workshop.
Remind patients that discussing their concerns and ideas is vital to the workshop. Remind staff the aim is to improve service processes for them as much as for patients. Prepare a way to involve the whole workshop in confirming any final decisions to end the workshop.
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