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Planning workshops are where people with an interest in the improvement work you want to do, to meet up for a set time to share information and come up with a plan for how the work can be done. They usually require someone skills/experience and involve lots of discussion.
Service improvement work is often defined by what an organisation wants to do and/or what it thinks will work. This tool invites you to take a bigger picture and longer term view of the health conditions and services you are working with.
A planning workshop will help you:
Involve consumers from the beginning and get buy-in and ownership from everyone early on
Understand where to focus your efforts and understand what data/information you already have and what more you will need. It helps clarify what your organisation can and should do, what it can do but is not a priority, and what it can’t do that remains important
Build a robust and focused plan for your service improvement work
Ensure the plan is clearly understood by the project team and stakeholders
Use this tool when you need to plan how you are going to do your service improvement work and what your data needs are.
     1. Identify the key participants
Identify the owners of the project and the key decision-makers
Identify the people and groups who have a stake in the results of the work Identify who else needs to be informed of the project and its results
Now review your lists and decide who should be invited to the workshop. Make a separate list of those who do not need to attend but should be informed of progress.
2. Develop a workshop agenda
For example, you might suggest it will cover project outcomes that could improve things from the perspective of patients, staff and the service or organisation
3. Invite attendees
Invite people to attend the workshop and send them an agenda.
Make arrangements for the venue, transport, refreshments and any other needs.
4. Use the planning workshop template to run the workshop
5. Review the contents of the planning workshop template and agree on a final version
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