Page 34 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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Include stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines Encourage external stakeholder input during discussion of outcomes
Work visually as much as possible. This simplifies the workshop process and encourages active participation throughout
Use the planning workshop template to communicate progress and issues throughout the project
           Template Instructions:
1. Identify the desired patient and staff outcomes
What are the desired outcomes of this work for the patients and their communities? Patient outcomes are both personal and community health outcomes, measurable in terms of the health status of individuals and populations. These may take years or decades to establish, so they imply sustained service provision.
Patient outcomes may be expressed as qualitative and/or quantitative targets.
2. Identify the desired service outputs
What outputs are needed in the next few years to achieve the patient outcomes identified above?
Outputs are immediate and direct results of the service delivery.
3. Identify the improvement goals
What goals are needed to achieve the service outputs?
Include improvements in existing services or possible new service elements. Identify as many specific goals as you want, then narrow these down to two or three key goals.
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