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 Gather the experience
Initially, you will want to get a sense of what the current experience is. There are many ways to gather the experience. The statement by
Steve Rogers, responsible for designing the
BBC’s home page, is even more relevant for
service industries i.e. designing a service is
designing a relationship. Relationships are
founded on feelings and emotions
experienced. Therefore, when gathering the experience, you really want to get a sense of those feelings and emotions. There are many ways you can do this and you may want to use more than one way.
“Several techniques were used to capture our consumer’s experiences in including surveys, interviews and focus groups. We used these techniques to capture both the range of consumer experiences and the detail of specific experiences across that range. Interviews and focus groups were a powerful way to learn and discover insights about people’s experiences and their stories.” Case Study 5
 Patient Shadowing and Observation
Patient shadowing and observation are important tools that have been underutilised in EBCD.1 It can help you really understand different perspectives and highlights issues that are unlikely to arise through any of the other activities. It can be helpful to do undertake observation before any patient or staff interviews as it may help inform your questions during that stage.
Patient shadowing and observation tool
“Designing a product is designing a relationship”
Steve Rogers

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