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The Point of Care Foundation and a review of EBCD projects have found that taking videos of patient interviews is a powerful and perhaps a critical element. However, it should be noted that the process of video production requires considerable skill and is resource intensive and time consuming.
 Guide to Filming Interviews
A modified version of EBCD called Accelerated EBCD (AEBCD) has been developed and tested in lung cancer services and intensive care units in England.2 In this approach pre-recorded videos are used as trigger films and have been found to be acceptable by staff and patients. They offer a more cost-effective alternative. The evaluation found that even though the films did not include relevant local detail, they still served the purpose of ‘triggering’ discussion. However, it is not known whether the same library of films would serve the same utility in a completely different healthcare system in Australia.
The trigger films are available from the following link.

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