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  Interview staff
Filmed interviews with consumers of a mental health service were conducted over a three-month period. Themes were extracted from the transcripts and a short film was created depicting the consumer experience. Those involved in filming, reviewing and editing the consumer interviews also reported how powerful it was to be directly involved in capturing consumers’ experiences and seeing them as ‘real people’. The films of patient interviews which were developed for this project have become a resource for highlighting consumer views on hospital and inpatient experiences, and ambulance and emergency department experiences. (Case Study 3)
Staff interviews are an essential strategy for gathering the experience of the service from all perspectives. An online video that discusses factors to consider when interviewing staff:
 Experience Based Surveys
Staff Interviews
Experience questionnaires can be simple and valuable approaches to capture feelings and experience. The focus is on capturing feelings and experience at ‘touchpoint’ in the service. Those touch points may have been identified by one of the other tools.
The patient experience survey can be modified and used to capture staff experiences and feelings in a similar way.
Experience Based Surveys Experience Based Survey template
These are cards that patients and family members can look through and choose a topic that is of most interest or concern to them e.g. Parking or waiting time. They are then given the opportunity to meet
  Conversation cards

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