Page 55 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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 Interview Guide
Be Prepared
 Pen and Paper
 Stimulus Questions
 audio or video equipment
 Prepare the enviornment
Three elements of interview
Enable the story teller to do just that – tell you their story, in their own way, their own terms, their own pace
Give a simple, concise outline of the next steps in the project including when and how any improvements will be made
 Comfortable room/seating
 Remove/reduce noise
 Explain purpose
 Explain format
 Seek consent
  Patients telling their story
 Patients refecting on what their experiences mean for them
 Patients reflecting on what their experiences mean for the service
  Start with open-ended questions
 facilitate patients to reflect on their own experiences
 invite patients to suggest improvements
 Manage the time and steer the interview to a natural close.
Remember to thank the story teller for their time and for sharing their story with you.
  Make sure that they feel OK before they leave.
 Adapted from the ebd approach, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and Health Service Co- Design

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