Page 60 - Experience Based Co-design - a toolkit for Australia
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Interviewing staff involved in a patient journey across the entire pathway.
Staff interviews like patient interviews help identify the touchpoints in the journey and the factors contributing to a negative experience.
Use this tool during the capture of experience stage. It is often helpful to do it after observation and any start-up and planning workshops.
People may be suspicious about the agenda, uncomfortable about criticising their workplace or worried about receiving criticism from patients
Present the project clearly to the entire group, explaining what the project is for, how it will benefit staff and patients, and what sort of commitment is required, to allay any fears
Ask them what is working well as well as what is not working so well from their perspective
Having conducted start-up workshops and planning workshops will help as staff will have been involved in the process
Conducting observation prior to staff interviews will also be helpful and provides a further opportunity to build trust and allay any concerns
Draw interviewees from roles across the entire patient pathway
Aim, where possible, for one-to-one interviews – preferably face-to-face as people often feel more comfortable
Think about how you will capture the conversation such as audio recording or making notes on a template.
           Adapted with permission from Point of Care Foundation

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