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 Staff feedback event
The event aims to enable staff to highlight their priorities for improvements within their service. It is also a key opportunity to show staff that the project seeks to form a genuine partnership between staff and patients. Some groups have found it is important to have a separate staff event to allow processing of the patient feedback in a safe environment prior to contact with patients.
In Case Study 3, there was an initial joint event. However, several staff who attended the joint workshop reported that it had been confronting to see the film for the first time. While the main purpose of the film in EBCD is to trigger discussion the result in this project was that most staff participants at the workshop spoke very little during the post-film discussion. A second workshop was held with staff to review the film and debrief the experience.
 The meeting is facilitated by someone with the required skillset to facilitate. The aims of the day are to:
Feedback and validate the staff experience findings
Agree work to be taken forward jointly with patients
Agree next steps moving forward to joint patient-staff event
The excel spreadsheet includes templates for agenda for event
feedback form for event

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