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    It is likely interaction-based touchpoints (words and actions) are already listed in the ‘values and actions’ column, but it is important to include them in the touchpoint ideas column too.
3. Analysis
Using the touchpoint analysis template, analyse each touchpoint idea for its value to both patients and your organisation. To do this, simply take each touchpoint in your list and position it on the diagram.
This will involve some discussion over the merits of each touchpoint, and it is important not to rush this. As you do this, you may find it useful to note the criteria or rules-of-thumb you are using to decide, as this helps you keep your decisions consistent. When you have covered all the touchpoints, review your decisions one last time for consistency.
If you discover new improvement ideas and approaches during the analysis, add these to the touchpoint analysis template.
4. Identify which touchpoints to focus on
Shortlist the higher value touchpoints (Boxes 2 and 4) and prioritise those in Box 4. These are your hotspots for immediate attention.

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