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 Improve the experience
The next step in the journey is to translate the understanding of current experiences into meaningful improvements. Throughout the
 ‘gather’ and ‘understand’ phases you
identified the current state of experience,
expectations and potential areas for
improvement. You and your team may
already have identified many ideas for improvement. There may also be broader concepts with the potential to improve the experience which need further work and exploration.
Improving the experience has the objectives of continuing an authentic co-design process by bringing patients and staff together to work on:
“We had a fantastic full-day multi team co-design workshop where the app developers met with staff and patients to nut out our ideas.” (Case Study 4)
generating further ideas
scoping them further
selecting and prioritising those to be taken forward
piloting and/or implementing of those ideas
Such co-design groups can be enormously powerful
“No design without co-design”
     but may need expert facilitation. They can be greatly enhanced if facilitators use a range of skills and tools to meet the objectives.
In Illawara Shoalhaven LHD members of the surgery service with input from patients came together in co-design teams with app designers to co-design an app that led to improved patient experience of day surgery, improved staff experience by reducing work arising from cancellation and this translated into enhanced efficiency. (Case Study 4)
There are many resources to help support the project management aspect of this phase. Other tools to help generate ideas and creativity. Others help you to view these ideas through the lens and perspective of different stakeholders. The goal ultimately is to improve the

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