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 Scenarios and Personas
A scenario is a realistic description of how a service works. A persona is a realistic description of a type of client.
The following animation on YouTube offers a fun way to understand what a persona is:
Scenarios and Personas Persona checklist
In NSW, the Agency for Clinical Innovation facilitated an EBCD project to in the redesign of Brain Injury Rehabilitation Model of Care (Case Study 1). The team built five personas using the expertise within the project team; each persona differing in their needs based on age, type of injury, age and location. The team used the tool to stimulate discussion during semi-structured interviews. Interviewees could connect to the persona and narrative, highlight comparisons or differences and share their experiences more openly and freely. Their use of this during the gathering phase highlights the flexibility of the tool.
Each improvement idea is assessed for its strengths and weaknesses, and its individuality (what makes it different). Fixes (solutions to the
   SWIFT ideas

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