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weaknesses) are identified and the improvement idea is transformed (changed).
It helps to facilitate a considered approach to all improvement ideas including out of the box ones and assessing your ideas against set criteria.
Swift ideas
Swift ideas template
Prototyping simply means using a ‘rough draft’ of an improvement or a touchpoint to learn more about it. It is extensively used in the technology industry. The three videos below from Google offer insight into how prototyping is used in a technology industry. The lessons can easily be applied to health.
Three of our case studies all used prototyping in their EBCD approach. The communication board in Case Study 2 was developed using rapid prototyping approach. Case Study 5 describes an improved provision of service information for a day rehabilitation service. Consumers, families and staff worked together to design the layout and content of an information brochure and online presence for the community. Prototyping was used to test the layout and content in an iterative way. Case Study 6 aimed to develop a patient pod to be used in the waiting area whilst patients waited for their appointment. The project team first designed the Pod on paper, then built small models. The team then used computer assisted graphics to refine the selected model which were then used in building the final product.

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