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A stakeholder needs table focusses on two stakeholders listing what their needs are. It will help identify improvements that will help both stakeholders most effectively.
You can use this tool to compare one stakeholder’s needs against those of another. For example, patient needs and ideas can be identified and compared to managerial, clinical and other stakeholder needs.
Healthcare services often identify potential improvements before a project starts. As a result, they may inadvertently exclude other stakeholders’ needs and useful improvement ideas. This tool helps build a balanced view of potential improvement areas and improvement ideas.
A stakeholder needs table is a useful tool for sketching out possible improvements near the start of your co-design work, as well as deciding on key areas for improvement and specific improvements later in your work.
1. Identify key needs and areas of improvement from the perspective of each stakeholder group
Key stakeholders might be management (a financial perspective), clinicians (a health perspective), administration (a logistics perspective) and patients (an experiential perspective). Try to focus on areas for improvement rather than specific improvement ideas at this point. Jumping to solutions too early can prevent other ideas arising.
2. Group improvement ideas
Review the needs and areas of improvement for each stakeholder group. For each stakeholder, organise and group these into between three and six key areas that summarise the major concerns. Express these in the language of the stakeholder group.
3. Complete the stakeholder needs template
4. Create a summary diagram
When you have completed the stakeholder needs template for all stakeholders, create a summary diagram to identify the key improvements that provide the greatest benefits for the most stakeholders.
Keep your brainstorming focused on improvements that benefit multiple stakeholders.
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