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      You can develop tangible prototypes using materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth, plastic, lego, polystyrene and so on. You can develop intangible prototypes using diagrams and role- plays.
3. Develop the prototype as quickly and cheaply as possible
4. Test the prototype
Test the prototype as many times as you need until you notice a pattern in the ways people respond to it. You can adapt tools such as SWIFT ideas and the biggest difference to assess the prototypes. The interaction design foundation suggests three tools that help to maximise learning from testing.
a. Feedback Capture Grid – a structured way of obtaining feedback during testing or afterward to organise the feedback
b. I like, I wish, what if – invites structured open honest feedback framing it in a way so that it can be provided in a constructive and positive manner, enabling an open discussion
c. Sharing inspiring stories – a technique where team members share stories from prototyping in turn and each story is captured onto a post-it or similar. Each of these are displayed on a story wall and reviewed for common threads and insights to translate into actions for the next iteration Stories.pdf
Depending on the complexity of the prototype the feedback from the different tools can be synthesised on to a single prototype evaluation template to help you document your findings.
5. While you are fresh from your findings with this prototype, brainstorm ideas for the next one
In co-design work, it is a good idea not to spend a lot of time and money on individual prototypes. When working with stakeholders, a prototype only needs to be good enough for everyone to learn from.
Prototyping is best when the exercise itself is very focused – the more focused the faster and easier learning is.
Prototyping is best when people can play with and easily alter the prototype to reflect their findings and allow them to try out new ideas. The result might be an improvement or an idea for a new and better prototype.
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