Allied Health Rural Generalist – Education Program Accreditation System Project

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) has been engaged by Queensland Health to develop an accreditation system for rural generalist training for seven health professions. This work is part of a national strategy led by Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) to develop a rural generalist pathway for the allied health professions.

Project Outcomes
The project will be undertaken between January and June 2018. The outcomes will be:

  1. Accreditation standards for education programs providing post-graduate training in rural generalist practice for the occupational therapy, pharmacy, nutrition & dietetics, podiatry, physiotherapy, speech pathology and radiography professions.
  2. Comprehensive description and supporting resources that will facilitate the implementation of a governance body that is responsible for the standards and for administering the accreditation process. Implementation will occur in a subsequent phase of the strategy. The project will formalise the description of rural generalist practice requirements for the seven professions that reflect the needs of the health system and rural and remote communities. The proposed accreditation system will support education providers, professional bodies and healthcare providers to build training programs, professional frameworks and employment structures that recognise a rural generalist scope.

Development of the accreditation standards and system will draw on existing information sources including profession-specific and inter-professional frameworks, outcomes from previous stages of the rural generalist strategy, and consultation with stakeholders in the education and health care sectors and wider community.

Project Team
The AHHA team has worked extensively across the field of accreditation, education and practice for a number of professions, both in the pre-registration and post-registration context. They have an extensive track record managing and leading engagement and consultation with stakeholders across multidisciplinary teams, as well as reviewing and analysing governance structures and quality management systems.

Stakeholder Involvement - Round 1
The first round of consultation was held from end February through to early March.

You can view a recording of the consultation presentations:

  • Session 1
    Presented by Jeff House, CEO, SARRAH and Ilsa Nielsen, Principal Workforce Officer, Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland.
    This session provides an overview of the rural health problem and the Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway as a workforce solution. It provides a history to the work that has been done to date, driven by the healht sector to address on-th-ground issues that are experienced by health services in rural and remote areas.
  • Session 2
    Presented by Kylie Woolcock, Policy Director, AHHA.
    This session focuses on the work AHHA has been commissioned to do to develop the resources to implement an education program accreditation system. It will support stakeholders understand opportunities for influence in the work being done.

A copy of the slides from these consultation presentations can be downloaded here.

Stakeholder Involvement - Round 2

The second round of consultation was held from March to end April on the accreditation system for rural generalist education and training for the allied health professions.

Feedback was sought on three components of the accreditation system:
1. Competency Framework
2. Accreditation Standards
3. Accreditation Procedures

You can download the consultation paper for background information, draft resources and consultation questions here.

Consultation closed on 30 April 2018. However interviews continued to be held with key stakeholders through to mid June.

Project completion

This project has now been completed. Proposed resources have been submitted to Queensland Health. It is anticipated that these will be published before the end of July 2018 and stakeholders notified of the next steps in implementing an accreditation system for rural generalist training for the seven allied health professions.

Further information on the project
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