Bully Zero Culture of Excellence

“The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence gives health organisations expert training supports from national leaders in bullying prevention and education, as well as a visible zero-tolerance brand—and 36 months of backing to assist them to really deliver on  their safe-culture goals.”

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association is proud to endorse the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence for healthcare providers committed to:

  • fostering supportive, respectful, zero tolerance workplaces
  • driving transformational business benefits from a positive behaviour culture
  • uniting to create a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system.

The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence is a 36 month training program for cultural transformation. It equips health care providers to grow supportive, respectful, positive behaviour cultures with a zero tolerance for bullying. It builds confidence and capability to:

  • create respectful conversations, regardless of subject matter
  • raise difficult issues respectfully and sensitively with both colleagues and patients
  • call out bad behaviours, when experieced or witnessed (by staff, patients or visitors)

and creates a shared understanding and commitment to the values of respect, courtesy and safety for all members of the organisation.

At the heart of the Culture of Excellence Program is a set of innovative online programs, and people and culture supports, that drive positive communication behaviour changes across organisations.

Why do it?

The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence allows you to grow a socially safe, supportive workplace culture with a zero tolerance for bullying for every member of your workplace.

The program helps your leaders show they are committed to fostering genuinely respectful, positive, high performance hospital and health care workforces that prioritise the welfare of their people and their patients.

Importantly, the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence positions you to comprehensively respond to Safe Work Australia’s latest guidelines for harassment, bullying and aggression in the workplace.

Finally, the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence offers participating hospital and health care institutions branded recognition as a Culture of Excellence endorsed by the national Bully Zero Foundation not for profit leaders in bullying awareness and prevention. The program has been endorsed by both the Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association and the Chair of the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities for Australia and New Zealand.

What are the benefits?

The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence will:

  • build brand reputation as a zero tolerance culture leader
  • improve employee loyalty
  • safeguard the health, safety, and wellbeing of your people
  • improve workplace performance and patient care
  • unite your people together towards your purpose
  • drive a capability uplift that generates a sustained way of working
  • reduce cost of complaints, investigations and lost time incidents
  • create a sustained culture of mutual respect and professional courtesy
  • create opportunities to positive brand as a leading employer of choice
  • embed improved practice and supports across every member of your team.

How does it work?

The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence has 5 key steps - RECAP:

Review: review workplace bullying and behaviour policy and processes
A comprehensive audit of the organisation's workforce culture policy and procedural framework is undertaken to ensure the program aligns with current and future priorities.

Engage: engage staff to secure a commitment and skill improvement in workplace behaviours
Together, the entire workplace engages in internal communication initiatives that educate, excite and equip all staff to understand and practice the power of positive, professional and respectful workplace communications first time, every time.

Create: create a shared worksplace-wide communication charter for the organisation
Staff complete a 90-minute interactive online program that includes 8 key communications principles with supporting videos. Each video ends with a simple survey that asks participants to comment anonymously about the communication culture of the organisation.

Align: align and integrate the principles into exisiting organisation antibullying supports
The key principles of the charter are mapped to the exisiting organisation policies and procedures as evidence of what positive, respectful and safe communciations looks, sounds and feels like with practiced by all staff of the organisation.

Practice: Practice the change by supporting leaders and teams measuring and reviewing positive culture growth
The post-action state is audited to determine distance travelled and monitor key measures of wellbeing to report trends and improvements. Organisation leaders and staff are supported to continue to reinforce the principles of the charter.


How is it measured?

The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence Program planning tools are mapped to the Voice Project’s 7 Ps Framework for Organisational Performance.

Voice Project has also developed a pulse survey and a customised version of its Voice staff culture survey to allow adopting organisations to measure existing Voice health sector metrics as well as progress against the Culture of Excellence.

When is the program delivered?

The Bully Zero Culture of Excellence can be commenced at any time throughout the calendar year with the program timing and content tailored to your hospital or health care institution.

It can also be modified to be delivered in less than the standard 36 months, to suit your organisation timing. That said, there are some mandatory elements that must be completed to honour the intent of the Culture of Excellence program.

In negotiating the terms of the program, we work with you to co-design a delivery schedule tailored to your institution.

More information

For more information on the program including pricing, please contact:

Malahat Rastar
AHHA Communications Manager