Full Membership

Membership of AHHA is open to any organisation whose aims or activities are connected with:

  • the provision of hospital or healthcare services
  • the improvement of healthcare, or
  • the supply of goods and services to hospitals or healthcare services

Full members (also known as voting members) are those individuals and organisations most closely associated with the activities of the association. Full membership includes representation on the AHHA Council, the governing body which elects the board and sets the strategic direction for the AHHA and includes the opportunity to be closely involved with the development of submissions to government and other advocacy activities.

Full membership of an organisation also allows all staff to access member benefits such as access to discounted event and training.

Academic or research focused individuals or organisations can add membership of the Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research to their full membership by agreeing to collaborate with the Deeble Institute to further our program of health policy research. For further information on collaboration opportunities contact Director, Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, Adj Assoc Prof Rebecca Haddock.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable annually on a financial year basis. There are 3 bands of organisational membership which is based on the gross operating expenditure of the organisation. A multi-organisation membership is also available for up to 5 related organisations that are funded under a single overarching budget. AHHA asks organisations to self-nominate the appropriate band but may review this on a case by case basis. Membership can be purchased via credit card below or by invoice on request.

Please note all merchant fees for credit card payments are included in the quoted price.


Membership Types and Fees

Please select the appropriate membership level below. You will have a chance to review your selection and the corresponding dues on the next page prior to your credit card being charged.

Members are asked to self select the appropriate membership category. Evidence of current student status may be sought. Personal members may not share member benefits with any other person, nor circulate member-restricted information throughout non member organisations.
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