Cross-sector Care Simulation

AHHA is hosting an invite-only event to test policy initiatives at the interface between disability services, aged care, community and health sectors in a simulation environment.

Following on from the successful 2014 AHHA Simulation, this event is intended to test policy initiatives at the interface between the disability, aged care, community and health sectors; with the aim of developing recommendations to support greater integration and patient-centred care. It will attempt to answer the question, How will reform processes across the disability, aged care, community and health sectors impact on care and outcomes for people with complex needs? Specifically, it will consider impacts of policies relating to Health Care Homes, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, individual funding packages in aged care, and hospital funding.

Throughout the day scenarios will be posed to participants, outlining research questions and new policy initiatives. Participants will work through these problems by playing the roles of different actors in the health system, discussing, testing and challenging possible solutions. Each different role will be given a specific set of objectives to complete (in addition to the overall goal of answering the research question) that will represent the core responsibilities of their business.

Each scenario will revolve around one of three different themes; patient outcomes, funding mechanisms and workforce implications. A report will be published after the Simulation exploring the findings and key recommendations of the day.

Based on the NHS/Kings Fund Rubber Windmill experience in the UK, a Simulation has the capacity to enact a highly realistic but safe learning environment to test policies and structures in an environment where group dynamics have an integral role in participants examination of the practical implications of the scenario. Learning in a Simulation occurs by closely observing and reviewing the interactions between the players to identify potential gaps in processes and service provision and/or to expose unintended consequences.

The simulation agenda will be available shortly

October 20th, 2016 8:30 AM   through   5:00 PM
Hotel Jen Brisbane
159 Roma St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone: 02 6162 0780
AHHA Event