Current Consultations

AHHA regularly facilitates a range of consultations seeking the input from stakeholders as we undertake research, consultancy projects and partner across the sector. Open consultations are listed below.

HumanAbility – draft workforce report – for consultation

HumanAbility has been working with Skills IQ to prepare a draft workforce report.

With the organisation having only been recently established, this process was intended to be a desktop analysis. However, a very brief opportunity is being provided to identify any major omissions or misinterpretations of the state of our sectors and the workforce. 

Consultation will close on Friday 12 May to allow HumanAbility to finalise the report and submit it to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Please direct your comment via email to

Accessing the report

You can access the report here.

You will see that the report is broken into sections that deal with industry segments, as well as introductory and summary information that identifies cross industry matters and priorities. You can choose to address all or one of the sections depending on your areas of interest.

Preparing your feedback

Make sure that you provide:

  • The name of the organisation providing comment
  • The contact name and details in case we need to clarify anything about your feedback
  • A direct reference to the section of the report and page number so that we can readily address your issues.

Feedback should be submitted to Rob Bonner, Interim CEO at by Friday 12 May.

Next steps

A record of feedback will be compiled the feedback for future reference. 

Next year’s plan will emerge from the extensive engagement that we will have with industry stakeholders throughout the year and will benefit from that richer guidance and input.

We are planning to conduct a range of key industry stakeholder events in the second half of 2023 including:

  • an Industry leaders’ forum where we seek input from industry though leaders and executives over the directions that lay ahead for sector and businesses and explore the implications for future workforce;
  • an Education providers forum where we explore education and training issues relevant to our training product development and implementation programs;
  • a Student forum where we work with people that have recently been in programs of study in qualifications we have produced and explore the relevance of the content, reasons that may have inhibited completion and measures that would improve their satisfaction; and
  • A Rural and Remote event to explore the particular needs and issues of people in our industries in rural and remote settings.

These will feed into our standing advisory committees that will be formally established in the weeks ahead. These committees will take the forum’s output and, with other information and their own industry perspectives, work to shape the plan for next year.