Deeble Institute: Student Highlight

Saba Akbar


Ms Saba Akbar, PhD Scholar 

Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University

Winner, Student Best Paper at Nursing Informatics International Congress 2021


Saba is a registered nurse and PhD scholar at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University. Her research focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled decision support systems for nursing assessments which are critical for identifying and managing clinical risks in hospitalised patients. When performed in a timely and accurate manner, nursing assessments can prevent incidents of patient harm such as falls and pressure injuries. However, current processes for nursing assessments—which mostly involve the completion of different assessment forms—are repetitive and error-prone.
Based on interviews with Australian nurses, Saba’s research has identified opportunities to automate nursing assessments. These findings were used to develop design features for the next generation of AI-enabled decision support for which she will be seeking feedback from nurses in an upcoming online study. The online study will test the effects of automation on risk identification and decision-making. The results will inform health service providers and software developers about the potential role of AI in improving the safety and effectiveness of nursing assessments. More importantly, it will support the future work of nurses to reduce patient harm.


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