2019 Australian Federal Election

7 areas of health focus for the 2019 election

Australians go to the polls on 18 May to elect the 46th Parliament of Australia.

All parties and candidates should commit to the following if we want a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system:

  • A commitment to universal healthcare
  • A commitment to equity in health
  • Policies to support outcomes-focused, value-based healthcare
  • A commitment to long-term sustainable funding
  • Policies to support coordinated and integrated care
  • A commitment to innovation in response to need
  • Policies to support a holistic view of health and wellbeing

AHHA seeks to raise awareness of, and encourage debate on, health policy as well as to educate health policy decision-makers and the health sector.

The health sector is a trusted sector, and your voice over the campaign has significant weight. Use AHHA’s Health Sector Advocacy Handbook to inform your advocacy for public healthcare throughout the 2019 federal election campaign. The handbook is available here.