US Study Tour Blog 2018

Submitted on 01/05/2018

US Study Tour Blog 2018

Learning more about patient-centred medical homes

The Study Tour

Following the success of the US Study Tour for Health Executives in October 2016, AHHA again invited primary health leaders to join us in 2018 to explore progress in the United States in developing patient-centred medical homes.

Australia adopted a trial of health care homes in July 2017, and the trial is now under way—but more needs to be done to inform the rollout of this initiative.

National health leaders participating in the AHHA tour will first attend the 2018 Institute for Healthcare Improvement Summit on Improving Patient Care, in San Diego, California. The focus of the summit is ‘Primary Care for the Whole Person’. The summit runs from 26–28 April.

The group then travels to Portland, Oregon to hear from Dr Jack Cochran, former Executive Director of the Permanente Federation at Kaiser Permanente, who will lead masterclasses and guided reflective learning focusing on integrated care, physician leadership, and bringing the patient perspective into each conversation and decision.

These sessions are followed by site visits, presentations, and networking and discussion sessions with health leaders in Oregon over the next one and a half days days before the group moves on to San Francisco to meet health leaders there. Dr Cochran will lead a discussion on moving from volume to value in healthcare, lessons from the US experience of patient-centred medical homes and accountable care organisations, and how these learnings might be applied in Australia.

A full day of primary care site visits and meetings with health leaders undertaking value-based care projects in San Francisco follows, before the group returns to Australia.