Introducing the Sustainability Accelerator Tool: Enabling hospitals and healthcare leaders to advance their sustainability journey

July 25, 2024

Introducing the Sustainability Accelerator Tool: Enabling hospitals and healthcare leaders to advance their sustainability journey

Globally, health systems face a sustainability crisis, and no single country possesses the readiness or resources to address these challenges alone. Without coordinated leadership essential to fostering the exchange of ideas and approaches across borders, the collective progress in tackling the climate and health crises will remain unsolved.

With the launch of Australia’s National Health and Climate Strategy in December 2023, various state and territory climate and health strategies and initiatives, and mandatory reporting and infrastructure requirements coming into effect in the coming years, now is the time for health services and hospitals to get ahead of the game and embed environmentally sustainable practice as business as usual. Yet where to start?

The International Hospital Federation (IHF)’s Geneva Sustainability Centre and the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) have teamed up to support and drive environmental sustainability within Australian hospitals and healthcare delivery settings. This collaboration will focus on strengthening capacities in health care leadership teams under a streamlined approach to sustainability with the support of the Sustainability Accelerator Tool (SAT). Developed by the IHF’s Geneva Sustainability Centre in collaboration with Deloitte Switzerland, the SAT is a digital platform to enhance sustainability in healthcare organisations.

Piloted with hospitals across the IHF’s global membership, the SAT empowers hospitals and healthcare leaders by providing a digital solution for strategic planning, tailored guidance for improvement, and performance benchmarking to drive sustainable, low-carbon, equitable, and resilient healthcare systems.

Join us on Thursday 25th July at 4pm – 5pm AEST to hear more about how the SAT can support you and your organisation on your sustainability journey.


Sonia Roschnik​, Executive Director, Geneva Sustainability Centre 

Sonia provides strategic leadership, holding principal responsibility for the development and implementation of the Geneva Sustainability Centre’s vision, goals and workplan, and management of its operations.

Sonia joined the Centre from Health Care Without Harm, where she was International Climate Policy Director. She currently serves on the Board of the Climate Action Accelerator and is an honorary member of the UK’s Faculty of Public Health. Previously, she was Director of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit (2018–2020).

Sonia is the author of the global roadmap to decarbonize healthcare (2021) and worked in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the UK presidency of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to collate the commitments of 53 countries and 50 health systems globally to a low carbon journey.

Sonia has also worked as an expert advisor to global agencies including the WHO, UN Development Programme, and the World Bank on strategic approaches to sustainability in healthcare. She holds a Master of Science degree in Systems Thinking and is a UK-registered occupational therapist.

Laia Zarza Sánchez, Technical Officer, Green Commitment Area, MútuaTerrassa, Catalonia, Spain

Graduated in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, I am currently technician at Compromís Verd in MútuaTerrassa, where I manage the decarbonization of the entity through the creation of mitigation and adaptation strategies for the organization on climate change, as well as the development of different projects focused on the decarbonization in healthcare practices hand in hand with healthcare professionals.

Dr Jeannie Tey, Senior Consultant, Preventive & Population Medicine; Director, Corporate Planning; Chief Sustainability Officer, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Jeannie Tey has nearly 20 years of experience in public health policy-making and administration. She is a Senior Consultant in the Department of Preventive and Population Medicine, and serves as the Director of Corporate Planning and Chief Sustainability Officer at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Jeannie’s career is dedicated to population health, health policy, and health systems management. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing successful health initiatives at both local and national levels and has received national level awards in recognition of her contributions. At Tan Tock Seng Hospital, she advances preventive health strategies and guides the hospital’s strategic growth.

Recently, Jeannie has focused on healthcare sustainability, advocating for a health systems approach that seeks co-benefits for health and the environment. By integrating sustainability into health systems management, she aims to enhance health outcomes while protecting the environment. Jeannie is particularly interested in activating individuals to sustain behavioural change, using innovative solutions to tackle contemporary healthcare challenges and foster a sustainable future.

Ryan Crowder, Programme Lead, Strategic Initiatives, Geneva Sustainability Centre

Ryan is a learning and sustainability expert who currently serves as the Programme Lead (Strategic Initiatives) at the Geneva Sustainability Centre within the International Hospital Federation (IHF) where he manages partnerships related to education programmes and services as well as commercial strategies for the IHF. Previously, Ryan led development of the Learning Strategy in the Department of Health Emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO) and was Director of Strategic Initiatives at a leading medical education company. He has also led research studies on the adaptations in education systems to the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitated leadership education for health leaders in complex emergencies, and led training and innovation efforts to integrate online learning into capacity-building programmes within the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Kylie Woolcock, Chief Executive, Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association (AHHA)

Kylie has extensive experience in the for-purpose sector, across governance, strategy, health policy, workforce development and clinical practice. She has worked from diverse perspectives, at local, state and national levels, in Australia and internationally. Kylie has a keen interest in digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence and has completed postgraduate studies in this field. She continues to work closely with a diverse range of health services and stakeholders across the health system in Australia and internationally to support shifting the system towards a person-centred, value-based system. Kylie is a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology, and a Governing Council member of the International Hospital Federation.

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July 25, 2024

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4:00 pm AEST

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July 25, 2024

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5:00 pm




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