“Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations” thought-leadership forum

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date: 09 October 2018 9:30am to 09 October 2018 06:00pm

Novartis is hosting a one day thought-leadership forum on Potentially Preventable Hospitalisation on the 9th October, the day before the formal commencement of the World Hospital Congress.

This session is free to attend by registrants of the 2018 World Hospital Congress.*

Potentially preventable hospitalisations is a critical whole-of-health issue and addressing this problem requires dedicated commitment by stakeholders across the health system.

This thought-leadership forum brings together a diverse group of leaders to engage with attending participants in a facilitated discussion, create connections, spark new ideas and contribute to solving this critical issue.

The day is anchored over four main themes:

1.    Models of care and preventable hospitalisations:

This discussion explores the impact of how different models of care across the patient journey could potentially reduce preventable hospitalisations for long term conditions. Examples of key themes will include:

  • Role of primary and community care, hospital care and the patient
  • The importance in the flow of patient information, such as meds, discharges, referrals, reports
  • The role of care models such as the “Health Care Home” (Australia) and “the House of Care” (UK NHS)

2.    Patient experience, activation and engagement, and health literacy:

This discussion explores the patient’s experiences and their role in engagement and participation from the perspective of preventing hospitalisation. Further, the topic explores patient knowledge, ability, and confidence in self-management.

3.    Quality, safety and measureable outcomes:

This topic discusses the importance of quality and patient safety in preventable hospitalisation, along with different approaches in measuring preventable hospitalisation and  health outcomes across primary and secondary care. It further discusses the merits and pitfalls of potential measures on cost, benefits, quality, safety and patient reported experience.

4.    Interventions, innovations, and strategies (relation to preventable hospitalisation):

This discussion explores the role of innovative technologies in preventing hospitalisation, as well as different strategies (thinking outside the box) that could be considered or have been trialled in different health systems.


You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and stimulate meaningful debate with some of the country’s leading thought leaders in this space.

A provisional detailed agenda and list of speakers are available here.

The “Potentially Preventable Hospitalisations” thought-leadership forum has limited places available and attendance is via an Expression of Interest process. To express your interest, email with your name, title, contact details and a short, one paragraph outline of insights and experiences you wish to share to the day.