Designing evidence-informed and cost-effective primary health services for PHNs Webinar

Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Venue: Webinar
Date: 17 October 2018 12:00pm to 17 October 2018 01:00pm

This WEBINAR by Professor Jonathan Karnon, Jade Hart and Kenneth Lo will discuss the commissioning approach of PHNs and the challenges of assessing the cost effectiveness of primary health services. Using residential aged care as a case study, we will present an evidence-informed framework that seeks to recognise the many complex variables, such as intricate funding models, clients with diverse needs, and presence of numerous stakeholders with different roles and interests. PHNs will then have the opportunity to work with researchers on a framework specific to their environment, at no financial cost.

This initiative is funded by the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health Systems Sustainability.

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