Designing a Human-Centred Patient Experience Masterclass – Australia (Melbourne)

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Venue: TBC
Date: 09 December 2019 9:00am to 10 December 2019 05:00pm

This two-day masterclass, led by Shelley Thomson, will offer you a deep dive into understanding the intricacies of designing and developing positive and seamless patient experiences within healthcare that deliver better patient outcomes, increase employee engagement and increase value across the organisation, and brand reputation within your community, and the healthcare industry.

Armed with your pre-event assessment in reviewing your organisation’s current person-centred maturity status, you will benefit from hands-on, practical guidance in developing journey maps, selecting appropriate metrics and using various tools and techniques available to understand how to enrol your patients, team members and managers to deliver exceptional patient experiences.

Learning Objectives:
1. Demystify the patient-centred journey approach to identify the true benefits to assist in developing solid reasonings and strategies for implementation
2. Defining what Patient Experience means for your team, department or organisation and in establishing a Patient-centred care focus
3. Identify the six stages of patient-centred maturing and diagnose where your organisation is and what it needs to evolve
4. Identify outdated and inefficient processes, rules and systems which may be barriers to delivering a positive patient experience
5. Putting patient-centred care theory into practice to build staff and patient engagement for better outcomes
6. Aligning your team, department or organisations resources and metrics around a common cause – the patient
7. How to make patient outcomes the focus to maximise value and patient experience
8. Understanding the tools and techniques to put the human back into the delivery of patient experience for better healthcare and organisational outcomes

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Organised by: Aventedge

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