Members Only - Roundtable 2: Universality and equity and the National Health Reform Agreement

Venue: Online
Date: 28 April 2023 12:30pm to 28 April 2023 01:30pm

Share your experience in the review of the NHRA Addendum 2020-2025!

Consultation has kicked off for the Mid-term review of the National Health Reform Agreement Addendum 2020-2025.

We will be holding two member-only virtual roundtables to inform our submission. We invite members to bring their experiences to the discussion focusing on where the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments need to work in partnership with shared intention. Registration is essential.

We have identified two areas where we seek particular input, but welcome you raising any feedback on what is needed for a health funding, planning and governance architecture that is fit-for-purpose.

If you are unable to join me at these times, please contact me directly and we can arrange a time to talk.

Focus: How should the National Health Reform Agreement enable universality and equity?

  • How we define ‘essential services’ for universality is important. Our health system was designed at a time when non-communicable diseases were not central concerns, as well as being deeply rooted in a pathogenic and biomedical paradigm. (ref) ‘Ideational, actor-centred and structural features of policy’ are detracting from necessary reform (ref) A broader focus on ambitions of prevention, health promotion, and primary care actions on non-communicable diseases and risk factors could be established in the Agreement.
  • How we measure access, and what constitutes reasonable access, are important. There are many dimensions to access. As models of care incorporate digital technologies, definitions of access must extend beyond proximity to specific services or professions. Affordability is important, but not when measured in silos (e.g., pharmaceuticals or bulk-billed services), It needs a person-centred lens.