Partnering With Consumers 2017: Workshop 1 - An experience based co-design masterclass

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Venue: PwC Office, 2 Riverside Quay, Southbank
Date: 25 May 2017 8:30am to 25 May 2017 05:00pm

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) and the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) were pleased to present the first workshop in our 2017 Partnering with Consumers Series - an experience based co-design masterclass.

Experience Based Co-Design

This Masterclass provided participants with an understanding of the evidence, benefits and a range of effective tools and approaches to engage staff, consumers and family members to co-design health and care services.

  • Participants increased their understanding in the following areas:
  • The context, value and evidence base for working closely with patients and their families;
  • Awareness of a staged process to engage staff and patients, capture their experiences, organise and identify themes for improvement and to co-design future services;
  • Increased knowledge of a range of specific customer service design methods including observation, shadowing, interviewing, emotion mapping and co design; and
  • Measurement of improvements which incorporate the emotional context of experiences.

The Presenter

The Masterclass was presented by Dr Lynne Maher, Director of Innovation, Ko Awatea. Lynne has had an extensive health care career ranging from critical care nursing, operational and board posts at local and national level during which she has been able to support teams to create significant improvement in health systems. This has been specifically through her work on leading change, creativity and innovation, creating the culture for innovation, co-design and sustainability for improvement.

Lynne's work has resulted in the development of a number of products to support health care team to better understand approaches for improvement and innovation, including her work on experienced based design which forms the basis of this Masterclass.

Lynne has supported health systems in the NHS, Canada, Denmark, the Middle East and is an international faculty member for the Kaiser Permanente Improvement Institute in America. She is Associate Honorary Professor of Nursing, University of Auckland and Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Tasmania. She acts as an Advisory Board Member of the CORE Research Study on co-design at the University of Melbourne and is a reviewer for the NZ Medical Journal and BMJ Quality and Safety Journals. 

View Lynne's presentation

The masterclass included presentations, group work, discussions and case study examples so that participants could maximise their learning.

Other presentations included:

Partnering with consumers: demonstrating the value of effective customer engagement - Michael Kitts, partner, PwC

Health industry customer experience: what can you do? - Suji Kanagalingam, PwC

Joined up care: Sam’s story

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Our Sponsor

The Partnering with Consumers 2017 series is proudly sponsored by PwC.