Science on the Swan

Venue: The Westin
Date: 17 May 2020 9:00am to 19 May 2020 04:00pm

Welcome to Science on the Swan 2020, the Western Australian Health Translation Network’s (WAHTN) annual health and medical research conference, which this year highlights the central theme of ‘Driving Translational Research – Embedding Research and Innovation in Health Care’.

The Conference will be held at The Westin Perth from Sunday 17 – Tuesday 19 May 2020, and showcase the very best of research and scientific endeavour in Western Australia; covering a mix of fundamental, biomedical, clinical, health and social science. It offers linkage opportunities for both industry and researchers, especially connecting early career to more senior and established health science and clinical leaders.  It is an opportunity to showcase the skills we have right here in Perth and help translate WA scientific efforts into real impacts to deliver better health outcomes to the wider community locally, nationally and internationally whilst leveraging our proximity to Asia.

The 2020 event is Co-Chaired by the Professor Gary Geelhoed, WAHTN; Professor Peter Richmond, Child and Adolescent Health Service; Professor Daniel Fatovich, East Metropolitan Health Service; Dr Aron Chakera, North Metropolitan Health Service; and Professor Fiona Wood AM, South Metropolitan Health Service. Along with the 2020 Organising Committee, they have secured noteworthy international and national speakers for sessions ranging from Strengthening Clinical Research, Precision Medicine, Digital Health and Data Management, Health System Performance and Global Health, which we feel are relevant and topical themes of interest to the current health and medical research and consumer community, making the Science on the Swan 2020 a conference to remember.

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